Friday, May 7, 2010

Mo96la7at Ekuwaitiya

eSalaaaam 3alikom..

Today i'm going to post something really intersting. words kuwaiti people in the past used to express themselves with. Some of you people might recognize some of the words, and some might not.
so let's bring those words back to life shall we?;p
  1. athwal (أثول)= A person that lacks ordinary quickness and keenness of mind.

  2. eb6aine ( إبـطـيـني )= A person who likes to eat at all times.

  3. emda7da7 (إمدحدح)= A person who's fat and short.
  4. emrabrab (إمربرب)= Achubby healthy kid.

  5. emshalwi6 (إمشلوَط)= Is said when food is extremly hot. Also said to a man with a temper.

  6. esheshma ( الششمه )= Glasses.

  7. shigardi (شكردي)= An active and hard working person.

  8. 6an6al (طنطل)= A tall person.

  9. nijree (نجـري)= A person who likes to argue about everything.

  10. nijra (نجره)= An angry argument or disagreement between two people.

  11. maywa (مـيـوَه)= Fruits.

  12. malgoof (ملقوف)= Eager to know everything; prying.

  13. mashfoo7 ( مشفوح )= Is said to a person that's hmmmm.. (3ad hathy 9a3ba; mu shayif 5air)

  14. lootyy (لـُـوتي )= A person who's not serious and likes to play around.

  15. faa9ikh ( فاصخ)= A person who says and does things that lacks any sense of shame.

  16. ghamanda= (غـمَـنـدَه)= Secert, as said; "bainhom ghamanda."

  17. 3agid ilnoona (عاقد النونه )= A person who squeezes his eyebrows together as a sign of sadness.

  18. 6omba7la (طنبحله)= Again a fat person.

  19. 6agita ilboha (طاكته البوهه )= Amazed and suprised.

  20. shama6ee6 (شـماطيط)= Torn rags or clothes.

  21. shalawee6 ( شلاويط )= Smell of grilled meat.

  22. shaba9a (شبَاصه)= Hair clip.

  23. simarda7a (سمردحه)= A place that's huge, filled with losts of open spaces and areas.

  24. robadee (ربادي)= A lazy person.

  25. rashdee (راشدي)= A slap on the face with an open hand.

  26. khanat 7alee ( خنت حيلي )= Said when someone feels sad for someone. Used only by women.

  27. kherii merii (خـّري مـّري )= Entering and leaving a place without permisson.

  28. thqeel el6eena ( ثقيل طينه )= A peson who thinks he's funny when hes not.
  29. baith el9a30 (بيض الصعّو )= Something you hear about but not see. (shay nader).

  30. butamba (بـوتـمـبه)= Yet again, a fat person.

  31. buhaba (بو هبه )= Something that trends for a while and eventually stops.

  32. balaghat shaf (بلاغة شف )= Another word for (malgoof).

Thats it for today, hope you like it.

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Anonymous said...

woow those are tough words;p
o wayid kaleema for the word fat:O

zuz said...

Telaam el ayaady 3la hal post :p mufeeed o e3allim :D

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i really liked the banner

3aliya said...

lol la7atht!;p

LOL maku shi'3el gilt atbara3 min waktee ou a3lim inas cham kilma! (shad3awa)

yallah 3ad the next post 3alich inshallah!;p

9ij?;p e3yonich il7ilwa!;*

Anonymous said...

3ad laish badiya ilkalam ib "athwal"? dahsa ib qowa lol :Pp~

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the banner looks nice ;)

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ShoSho said...

I Love this post.. and why haven't I seen your blog before !!

3aliya said...

LOL, i dont know!;p

ay em you:
thank you!

you do?;p thanks 7abeebtii!:* madree maybe because kan mahjoor?;p

Another-Penelope said...

I like the banner ^_^ and el post 7lw el topic

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beautiful mashallah :) i like the blog's look :D

3aliya said...

thanks hun!;*

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